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Three- platen injection molding machie



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8000 TO 33000KN

GT series injection molding machine have 6 advantagesof features as below:

1、high-efficiency  injection system

2、optimizedclamping structure

3、reliablehydraulic design

4、sensitivecontrol system

5、high security

6、The integrated design is notonly technical innovation; bust also is to reflect design idea with the peopleoriented.

1  Injection unit

1. Theadoption of precision linear guide way, replace traditional sliding guide rodtype structure, the resistance of moving parts was only about 1/20 of thetraditional guide rod, also greatly extend the life span of the movementcomponents;  Response is fast, easy toimplement ultra speed injection, good adhesive repeat precision, at the sametime clean and pollution-free.

2. Twininjection structure, injection unit is better for centering, effectivelyprevent the nozzle deviation, put an end to plastics leaking phenomenon, makethe whole injection part work more smoothly;

3. Twininjection unit system ensures stable and smooth injection;

4. Precisionlinear transducer control injection and charging stroke, easy to manipulate.


2  Clamping unit

1. Design wasoptimized by using computer simulation, a more reasonable layout of variousreinforced and the overall structure design, greatly enhance the rigidity orthe whole moving platen, make the stress of the template is more even, thedeformation on the surface of the mould are smaller than at the same levelproducts, so the precision molding of products can be higher, the service lifeof the template is longer (see figure A);

2. Clampingstroke with high precision linear transducer control, linear transducer changesto detect cross-head from detecting moving platen, to improve the controlprecision;

3. Intelligentdisplacement distribution of lubrication system, the average distribution ofoil and lubrication of high efficiency and growth of machine hinge life, ensurethe clamping mechanism is more stable and reliable;

4. Hydraulic motor with gear mold-adjusting system, makemold-adjusting more reasonable and accurate, and saves the time of changingmould;

5. Quickdifferential clamping motion device to effectively shortenmolding cycle time and increase machine efficiency ofoperations;

6. Sensitivelow pressure mold protection function, in the case of high-speed clamping canstill obtain reliable high sensitive low pressure mold protection effect; to maximally prevent accidental mould damage.


3、Hydraulic system

1. With highefficiency and energy saving servo system, the machine does small flowmovement, no overflow energy losses, motor speed of 0 during no-load, no-loadmotor current is less than 1A,compared with the way of energy saving of variable pumptype, servo injection molding machine more precise and complete, saveelectricity can reach 30% to 75%;

2. Highprecision bypass oil filter, not only can permanently to keep oil in 2-5 ranks(NAS 5-7) higher than the new oil level, and can save lubricants and hydraulicoil up to 30% to 65%, decrease greaves by 40% to 75%;

3. New power hydraulic circuit design, not only has realized thehigh response, precision of velocity and pressure control and a new type ofinjection pressure maintaining stable process, and the use of low energyconsumption technology, greatly reduce the oil temperature, no interferencebetween action;

4. New tankdesign, be helpful for air separation, ensuring that the servo system isrunning well, easy to clean;

5. Low speedhigh torque hydraulic motor driven charging screw, can satisfy the demands ofvarious materials plasticizing, and realize the infinite speed regulation.


4、PLC unit

1. Professionaladoption by Austria KEBA injection molding machine precision computer, powerfulfunctions, guarantee the stability and high efficiency in production;

2. Accordingto the demand, can form a complete set of different specifications importedadvanced machine dedicated controller, large size color display, show clear,friendly man-machine interface operation;

3. The manifold SPC quality management interface is absolutely the best weapon for you create profits;

4. Equippedwith mechanical arm electrical interface, can be applied to injection molding machine dedicated robot arms from home and abroad;

5. “Intelligentmonitoring alarm system, the whole machine control is more safe and reliable”;

6. To savefunctions with multiple passwords and data hardware lock function to preventany modify molding parameters by general operator.


5、High safety level

1. Thebuilt-in type mechanical safety lock, more safety and beautiful appearance, noneed to adjust the mechanical protection when the mould changing, easy to use;

2. Mechanical,hydraulic and electrical parts have triple protector; ensure the security of the operatingpersonnel.


6、The overall designconcept

The machine overalldesigns are beautiful and novel, fullof dynamic color matching, keepfresh appearance and durable; Stainless steel rail, safety door opening andclosing of portable fluent; Computer control box can rotate, for centering andglue cleaning is very convenient; New frame design meet the requirement ofsafety standards, and ensure the safety of operating personnel, operationplatform, accord with human body engineering design, fully embody thepeople-oriented design concept.